“Rewi Alley” International Department

About the “Rewi Alley” International Department

The “Rewi Alley” International Department, RAID for short, is the NCPA organisation that organises the NCPA response to issues of internationalism and global solidarity. RAID is responsible for both the NCPA’s international relations with fraternal Communist parties and similar organisations, and also matters of solidarity with global issues here in Aotearoa. This webpage contains an archive of various statements and letters authored by RAID.

Rewi Alley, the namesake of the International Department, was one of the great New Zealand Communists of the 20th century and one of the most distinguished proletarian internationalists the Communist movement has known. Alley moved to China in 1927, curious in the Chinese Revolution, and joined the Communist Party of China in 1931. He dedicated his life to the cause of the Chinese Revolution and China-New Zealand relations. RAID inherits his legacy of compassion and dedication to socialism, proletarian internationalism and a world without imperialism.


5 July – Party Chair’s Speech at Celebration of 209 years of Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence

4 July – Introducing the Annual Report on the Development of the International Communist Movement (2019-2020)

6 June – Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties: Occupation is Terror, Annexation is Apartheid

Strengthening the War Machine is the Opposite of Collective Security

4 May – Solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Against USA/Colombian Terrorists

3 May – Solidarity with Cuban Diplomats against the Terrorist Act in the USA

29 April – Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties: In the name of freedom, peace and truth — against fascism and war

21 April – Joint Statement of the CPA and NCPA on the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

9 April – Joint Statement of the CPA and NCPA on Capitalism and the Coronavirus Down Under

5 March – NCPA Greeting to the 23rd Party Congress of the German Communist Party (DKP)

3 Jan- NCPA Statement on the Urgent Need for Unity against Imperialist War


21 November – International Greetings to the First National Congress of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa

11 November – Communists say NO to Piñera | Los comunistas dicen NO a Piñera

30 October – Joint Statement of the Central Committee, Communist Party of Australia & Central Committee, New Communist Party of Aotearoa

26 October – NCPA Speech at the 99th Anniversary Celebrations of the Communist Party of Australia

24 October – Internationalist Visit of the NCPA to Australia and Cuba

10 October – Imperialism Changes Guard in Syria

24 June – NZ Military Needs to Leave Korea!

18 June – Joint Statement of Communist and Workers Parties on Syria