Announcing our First National Congress

The Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa is proud to announce our Party’s First National Congress will be held in Wellington | Te Whanganui-a-Tara on Thursday 21 November and Friday 22 November 2019.

This is not just a time for an intra-membership discussion around our Party work, but a celebration of the founding of the Party and the entry of the New Zealand communist movement into the new era of the 21st Century. In this spirit, we will have several events open to both members and non-members. This page will be updated with more information closer to the time of the Congress.

If you are interested in attending the Congress as either an individual or on behalf of a workers’ or socialist organisation, please email [email protected].

Thursday 21 November

Opening Ceremony

This will be a semi-public event intended to celebrate the founding of the Party and the history of the working-class movement in New Zealand. More speakers and details will be added later as they get confirmed by the Central Committee and the speakers in question.

Guest Speaker: Comrade Fan Jianxin
Vice President of the Academy of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Fan is a leading Marxist academic in the People’s Republic of China, serving as Vice-President of the Academy of Marxism, CASS. His other roles include CPC Party Secretary of the Academy of Marxism, Deputy Director of the World Socialist Research Center, CASS, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Atheist Society and the director of the National History Society of the People’s Republic of China.

His published works include Study of the Basic Economic System at the Primary State of Socialism in China (2016), Ideologies in the Evolution of the Soviet Union (2004, co-authored), Further Understanding of Labor and Labor Theory of Value (2001, edited), etc.

Friday 22 November

Friday will largely feature internal, closed-door discussion of Party documents, strategy and tactics. However, some events pertaining to the wider labour movement will be revealed closer to the time.