Fighting COVID-19 in Cuba, China and the United States

The following article by W T Whitney Jr is reproduced from Monthly Review to highlight the difference in response to COVID-19 between capitalist and socialist countries. Whitney is a political journalist whose focus is on Latin America, health care, and anti-racism. A Cuba solidarity activist, he formerly worked as a pediatrician.

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Why a Union for Working Communities is Necessary

The Aotearoa Community Union is a new mass organisation of the working class founded by the New Communist Party of Aotearoa to introduce class-oriented mass struggle around the housing crisis. An introductory article on the ACU is reproduced here.

Working people have long recognised that we are stronger united than as individuals. Unions for workers sprung up in factories and other workplaces as the Industrial Revolution not only meant that big communities of workers formed for the first time, but working conditions decreased significantly. For the last couple centuries, labour unions have become an important organisational weapon for the working class to raise our living standards and protect against the greed of the capitalists.

The reality is, however, that we do not only exist in the workplace. In fact, workers have fought hard so that we can ensure that we have a life outside the workplace. Our homes, parks, fields and local shops are such an important part of our lives and what makes us people rather than mindless drones.

The capitalists also exist outside the workplace. They own the businesses we work for and the products of our labour, but they also own the houses that we rent and to a large degree control the communities that we live in through the business associations and local government bodies.

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