International Greetings to the First National Congress

Fraternal Address of the Communist Party of Australia


I bring you heartfelt greetings from the Communist Party of Australia to you at this Inaugural Congress of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa. You are a new party continuing an important struggle, raising a proletarian voice and setting an enormous challenge for yourself and the working people of your nation. The international Communist movement increases its wealth with the emergence of your party.

Our Central Committee is studying your documents with great interest and awaits the reports on the success of your congress. Historically our movements have shared common dreams and struggles sometimes with the outcome being different. As a Communist Trade Unionist, I have shared with comrades’ experiences from our movements.

The devastating attack on the trade Union movement in Aotearoa in the 1980-90 period saw a collapse of the large parts of the union movement almost overnight. Privatisation and increased poverty of the mass of working people followed. In my Industry Public Transport, the same corporate capital firms arrived from Britain and the USA and in our case also France and Germany to loot and pillage. Wages in the bus industry have plummeted under this assault.

The liquidation of the Communist Party of New Zealand and the organisations that have followed has created the need for your party’s creation. Common features have been the rise of different trends of opportunism in our movements has created our histories and the study of this struggle forms part of the foundation of your party.

The struggle against opportunism in the Communist movement and their liquidationism both of a right and left variety has been the constant feature of our struggle in Australia. The ultimate goal of those who liquidate the Communist Movement is to split the working class and to turn workers away from the socialist goal. Left and right liquidators share this common goal.

Unfortunately, the liquidators have had some success and our movement has been separated in some areas from influence in the class. The spread of Class Collaboration has weakened our working-class movement. We have prevented the liquidation of our party and are moving forward with renewal. Our party has learnt a lot in opposing the Opportunism and in surviving the attempts to destroy our movement. We are concentrating on the issues of the environment, peace, and class-based unionism. The education of a new generation of Communists and moving forward in this new era.

Support for the existing socialist countries and the movements towards socialism in Latin America and anti-Imperialism form a basis of our views. We reject the characterisation of social imperialism being applied to China and other socialist countries. Our party has become more involved in the movement to reject the colonial invasion day as a day of national unity and support the activities against this social Chauvinism by the aboriginal people and the working people in general.

In Australia there is a massive disconnect from the political process. Rightist elements are trying to adapt this social sentiment to create racist and other cultural divides. Anti-Communism is being fanned along with draconian attacks on the Union Movement. The extreme right raises the slogan of ending the two-party system not as we do on the basis of extending democracy but as an end to bourgeois democracy and in support of further restrictions on democratic rights. We now seem to have the 2 and one half plus one system. Electoral parties of the extreme right exist to push the political system towards more extreme solutions.

In these circumstances building our party is of extreme importance. The founding of a new Party in Aotearoa fills us with optimism, and we look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you against our Imperialists and their lackeys.

Long Live the Friendship of our two peoples!

Long live the cooperation of our parties and Long live the New Communist party of Aotearoa!

David Matters
Assistant General-Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia

Communist Party of the Workers of Spain

On behalf of the Central Committee of the PCTE it is an honor to greet the founding of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (NCPA) in New Zealand as well as the holding of its 1st National Congress which is held under the slogan “The 21st Century: A New Era in Social Progress”. It is an especially relevant historical fact for all the communists in the world that after 25 years without a Communist Party in the country there is today one class-oriented revolutionary organization, a reference for the working class there.

We want to wish you the biggest successes for your 1st Congress and to communicate to you our will to set a framework for bilateral relations between the NCPA and the PCTE in the near future. Proletarian internationalism is a distinguishing mark of the communists all over the world, and we must make a tool of it for the common struggles against the barbarism of the imperialist system.

Álvaro Luque,
Secretary of the International Department of the Central Committee of the PCTE.

Communists of Catalonia

Receive warm greetings from Communists of Catalonia. We receive with great joy that the Communist Party of New Zealand is born again, based in the principles of the Marxism-Leninism.

The inevitability of socialism and the fall of capitalism is more contemporary than ever, and a strong communist party in each country is a key element in order to achieve this.

And as internationalists we feel the necessity to strengthen the struggle all over the world, in Catalonia, in Spain, in New Zealand…

We hope to strengthen and increase our relationship, and we will wish to know the conclusions of your first congress.

International Department, Communists of Catalonia

Communist Party (Switzerland)

We have learned that you are in the midst of the work of your first National Congress: we send you our best wishes and congratulations for this event.

It is important for us to know that even in Aotearoa New Zealand the working class can again count on a Party that explicitly refers to scientific socialism and that fights against imperialism. We have received your Central Committee’s Work Report and we will read it carefully.

We are a Party born in 1944 and we are mainly based in southern Switzerland where we speak Italian. We are active on the issues of anti-imperialism and international cooperation to foster a multipolar world against war and neo-colonialism. We work above all among students, organizing them for the right to study and the public and secular education. Our peculiarity is in fact that we are a Party made up mostly of young people and this also brings us near to your experience.

We hope to continue to have profitable and supportive exchanges between our two parties and we wish to the New Communist Party of Aotearoa a successful Congress.

Massimiliano Ay
General Secretary of the Communist Party (Switzerland)

Communist Party of China

The CPC attaches great importance to promoting exchanges with political parties in the world, including the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (NCPA). We look forward to keeping in contact with the NCPA and enhancing our friendship.

We wish the NCPA a great success.

International Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

Portuguese Communist Party

Having received your letter inviting the Portuguese Communist Party to participate in the First National Congress of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa, that will take place on 21 and 22 of November, and not being able to be present, we want to wish all the success to your National Congress in favour of the rights and interests of the workers and people of your country.

We also use this opportunity to express our deep interest in knowing the conclusions of this important moment in the life of your Party and also our interest to meet with you in a next opportunity.

Receive our fraternal greetings,

International Department, Portuguese Communist Party

Cuban Institute for Friendship of Peoples

On behalf of the Asia and Oceania Desk of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, I would like to express our gratitude for the participation of James Morgan, as representative of the NCPA attending the Anti-Imperialist Meeting of Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism held from November 1 to 3, 2019, in Havana, Cuba.

The documents emanating from the debate and exchange between delegations from 86 countries demonstrate the bonds of friendship and respect that Cuba has forged and strengthened during more than 60 years of Revolution.

We greatly appreciate your solidarity in the face of the hostile and aggressive campaign of the U.S. government, the Cuban people continue to fight to preserve their sovereignty and independence. Thank you for joining us in this tireless battle!

We are sure that the Solidarity Movement with Cuba in New Zealand will intensify the denunciations against the criminal blockade imposed by the United States, and will continue to remember the legacy of solidarity of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro with his constant calls for unity to achieve social justice and world peace.

We would like to express our gratitude to you and your organization. We wish you a great success at the First National Congress of the New Communist Party.

Leima Martínez Freire
Director of Asia Pacific

Communist Party of Cuba

The International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba would like to convey fraternal greetings to the New Communist Party of Aotearoa on the occasion of the holding of its First National Congress, wishing you success in its political work.

In the present international situation, mankind is facing challenges as a result of the impact of neoliberalism. During the last decades there have been a dramatic increase of poverty, inequality and injustice, as well as an indiscriminate use of the natural resources and the deterioration of the environment, bringing about conflicts in all continents and threatening the very existence of the human species. The joint struggle of all progressive forces is more necessary than ever.

To strengthen the solidarity among the peoples and to fight for a new world order based on the respect of human rights, social justice and peace is the main objective of those who fight for a better world.

We would like to express our gratitude to your Party for your participation at the Antiimperialist Meeting of Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism held in Havana at the beginning of November, stating your solidarity towards Cuba in the face of the imperialist aggressiveness and the criminal U.S, blockade. This event was also a platform to defend the just causes of peoples like Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Puerto Rico, among others.

Thanks for your friendship and support. We will continue promoting a space for exchanges in search of unity and the strengthening of the relationship among our political forces, thus undertaking new actions that will further strengthen our links.

We reiterate our wishes of success to your Congress.

International Relations Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.