The NCPA works for the interests of employed and unemployed workers. We fight for peace, for a sustainable environment, for free and accessible education, for quality and affordable housing, for good and free healthcare, for full unemployment benefits, for regular jobs and paid work, for liveable wages and fair conditions

All these interests stand opposed to those of big business. The bosses do not care if the workers make enough money, have regular jobs or a healthy environment and climate. Not because they hate us, but because they have to increase their profits.

Another society is necessary. A society where the means of production are owned by the commons, where the wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a small group of capitalists. The NCPA fights for a socialist society, where the workers control the means of production, which will develop into a communist society, free of exploitation of man by man. This is a society where the profit motives causing our current climate crisis no longer exist. Socialism is necessity for our continued survival. Nothing can be achieved without struggle, but when we fight, we have a world to win!

Updates from the New Communist Party

ACU: Why a Union for Working Communities is Necessary

Working people have long recognised that we are stronger united than as individuals. Unions for workers sprung up in factories and other workplaces as the Industrial Revolution not only meant that big communities of workers formed for the first time, but working conditions decreased significantly. For the last couple centuries, labour unions have become an important organisational weapon for the working class to raise our living standards and protect against the greed of the capitalists.

The reality is, however, that we do not only exist in the workplace. In fact, workers have fought hard so that we can ensure that we have a life outside the workplace. Our homes, parks, fields and local shops are such an important part of our lives and what makes us people rather than mindless drones. Continue Reading

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Workers of the world, unite!
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