The NCPA works for the interests of employed and unemployed workers. We fight for peace, for a sustainable environment, for free and accessible education, for quality and affordable housing, for good and free healthcare, for full unemployment benefits, for regular jobs and paid work, for liveable wages and fair conditions

All these interests stand opposed to those of big business. The bosses do not care if the workers make enough money, have regular jobs or a healthy environment and climate. Not because they hate us, but because they have to increase their profits.

Another society is necessary. A society where the means of production are owned by the commons, where the wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a small group of capitalists. The NCPA fights for a socialist society, where the workers control the means of production, which will develop into a communist society, free of exploitation of man by man. This is a society where the profit motives causing our current climate crisis no longer exist. Socialism is necessity for our continued survival. Nothing can be achieved without struggle, but when we fight, we have a world to win!

Updates from the New Communist Party

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Capitalism and the Coronavirus Downunder

Joint Statement of the Communist Party of Australia and New Communist Party of Aotearoa on the Coronavirus


The following article by W T Whitney Jr is reproduced from Monthly Review to highlight the difference in response to COVID-19 between capitalist and socialist countries. Whitney is a political journalist whose focus is on Latin America, health care, and anti-racism. A Cuba solidarity activist, he formerly worked as a pediatrician.


To commemorate International Working Women’s Day, we decided to share a pioneering speech by Clara Zetkin entitled ‘Only in conjunction with the proletarian woman will socialism be victorious’.

Zetkin was a great German Marxist-Leninist, leader of the Communist International, and a founder of Working Women’s Day, who for the first time thoroughly established the connection between working women’s liberation and socialism.

Statement on the Urgent Need for Unity against Imperialist War

Anti-imperialist forces around the world were shocked within the last hour when the news broke that two of the Middle East and the world’s most significant fighters against US imperialism, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, were killed in a joint strike by the US Air Force and their Zionist lackeys. These two martys dedicated and ultimately sacrificed their lives for a Middle East and a world that is independent and free of imperialist domination.

This is a shocking loss for global anti-imperialist forces but a significant act of war against independent countries. It also represents a huge jolt towards another imperialist world war that threatens to send the workers and peoples of the world to their deaths for the benefit of the imperialists and the coffers of their monopoly corporations. 

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